Bibi Noel and Mandy Dee – Duo

HUNGARY, 35/28/36, BLOND, European
Platinum blonde Bibi Noel is 19 and fresh as the purest Hungarian snowfall. Mandy Dee is a dirty blonde at 22 years of age and in this sexy lesbian show she does all she can to turn Bibi into the experienced sexual dynamo she is destined to become. Watch the transformation as it begins!

Angelica Kitten and Leonelle Knoxville – Duo

CZECH REPUBLIC, 30/24/31, BLOND, European
Like two peas from the same pod, Angelica Kitten and Leonelle Knoxville share a sense of style. Their matching short pink skirts and jet black hair may make them seem equals, but don’t be surprised to see Leonelle take charge of her submissive playmate!

Ewe Sweet – Solo

CZECH REPUBLIC, 38/26.5/37, BLOND, European
Garter-Belt fans will have your eyes glued on the sexy thighs of adorable Ewe Sweet! She’s a 21 year old temptress from Prague and always puts on a very naughty show. Today’s she’s playing solo and that means she can give YOU all of her attention. So sit back, relax and watch her fingers run wild!

Lana and Barbie White – Duo

HUNGARY, 35/29/37, BROWN-HAIRED, European
Lana and Barbie White are friends from Budapest who have always wanted to be closer to each other. Barbie went to school with Lana’s older sister but it wasn’t until Lana turned 19 years old that Barbie finally got the chance to play together! Watch the intensity in their eyes as they crawl between each other’s thighs!

Roxy Taggart – Solo

SLOVAKIA (Slovak Republic), 37/28.4/34, BROWN-HAIRED, European
Shy Roxy Taggart is 24 years old and has finally started to come out of her shell. As a teen she felt awkward socially but once she discovered the powerful effect her body had on everyone who saw it, she understood that the physical gifts she has been given need to be shared. Her new found confidence is a joy to watch!

Alyssia – Solo

CZECH REPUBLIC, 35/25.5/34, BROWN-HAIRED, European
Her high heel waiving in the air as her sweet shaved pussy is exposed for your eyes only! Alyssia is a vixen daring to let you drink in her intimate beauty as her slender pink vibrator and long masterful fingers flutter across her clit and bring out the best of her beautiful orgasms!

Jordan and Ewe Sweet – Duo

CZECH REPUBLIC, 37/28/38, BLOND, European
Today Jordan is one very lucky lesbian. She gets to play with her gal-pal from Prague, Ewe Sweet and as you can see Ewe is in the mood to take total control of all the action. She’s on a mission to get a BIG orgasm out of Jordan and she uses every skill she has to reach her hot wet goal! NB: no sound in this card.

Mandy Dee and Barbie White – Duo

RUSSIA, 30/24/35, BLOND, European
Russian angel Mandy Dee has a flare for the dramatic. When she gets a chance to play with Budapest show girl Barbie White the mood of their lesbian tryst is mesmerizing. A writhing hypnotic lesbian dance performed horizontally for your entertainment. Hardcore lesbian banes at their best!

Carol G – Solo

CZECH REPUBLIC, 38/26/38, BLOND, European
Let’s let you in on a bit of a secret. You’ll notice some girls are on Virtuagirl HD a lot more than others. A girl like Carol has already been featured in many scenes and has built up quite a collection. That’s because she is so easy to work with and so popular!

Jordan and Roxy Taggart – Duo

Roxy Taggart is a 24 year old from the town of Bratislava in Slovakia. Her lesbian playmate today is Jordan from Prague in the Czech Republic. Two countries with many historical differences, united today by a deep love of hot lesbian action! World peace is easy to imagine if we reach for it one kiss at a time.

Bibi Noel – Solo

HUNGARY, 35/28.4/36, BLOND, European
At 19 years of age, Bibi Noel is one of the most popular erotic Babes ever to come out of Budapest! Her lipstick lesbian shows have caught the attention of many loyal fans and now she is ready to reveal everything in the wildest solo scene she has ever done. Explore her body slowly and enjoy every inch!

Lana and Mandy Dee – Duo

HUNGARY, 35/29/37, BLOND, European
Mandy Dee may have been expecting Lana to be a typical naive 19, but when they start fooling around Lana is quick to show Mandy Dee that she knows enough to compete well on camera! Watch as these two lovely lesbians vie for your attention and savor each others affection. It’s one of the hottest lesbian shows ever!

Lucy Bell and Gettin Cute – Duo

Like two tiny pixies in search of the best orgasms, 23 year old Lucy Bell and 20 year old Gettin Cute from the Czech Republic are putting one quite a show. They are both barely five feet tall and look like sweet elves or pixies frolicking in the forest while finding their way to new sexual bliss together.

Lana – Solo

HUNGARY, 35/30.4/37, BROWN-HAIRED, European
It’s finally time for Lana to show you what she’s got in her own solo performance. She’s learned all she can from the lovely lesbians of DeskBabes and now she wants to put it all to use as part of the complete package for you. She’s sultry, she’s sexy and she’s about to become your new favorite model of all time!

Barbie White and Bibi Noel – Duo

HUNGARY, 34/25/37, BLOND, European
Hungarian hottie Barbie White brings her 24 year old body and high-energy style to a show costarring her newest lesbian lover Budapest’s pride Bibi Noel! At just 19 year old Bibi is brimming with the excitement that only comes from new first time experiences exploring the art of eroticism and seduction together!

Niki Sweet – Solo

CZECH REPUBLIC, 33/28.4/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European
As a fitness instructor Niki Sweet is always able to find new people to train. After all, doesn’t the thought of her standing over you while encouraging you to work out order sound appealing? It definitely should! See how wild and energetic she becomes when the music pulses through her beautiful body and romantic ideas race through her mind.

Candy Alexa and Mandy Dee – Duo

HUNGARY, 35/24/35, BLOND, European
Candy Alexa is the white lace ice queen who finally meets her match when smoking hot Mandy Dee arrives in her black lace bodystocking. Together these two lipstick lesbians twirl their tongues and swirl their limbs as they embrace for what feels like an eternity. Get close up to your screen and see what it’s like in between these two ravishing beauties!

Lucy Bell and Iris – Duo

CZECH REPUBLIC, 34/27/35, BLOND, European
Lucy Bell was talking about some classes she took recently learning to tango. As it turns out Iris was once a dance instructor in Prague. The two of them because fast friends and as they began grinding together going over some specific dance moves their sexual attractive overheated. This show is what boiled over from the dressing room. Share their intimate moments!

Niki Sweet and Gettin Cute – Duo

CZECH REPUBLIC, 33/28.4/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European
Niki Sweet says her mouth never get dry. Her tongue is always wet and she’s never low on saliva which makes lube completely unnecessary in her lesbian performances. Here she is with Gettin Cute and you have to see the way she slithers her tongue along the neck, thighs and inner lips of her new play pal. Here’s a gal who LOVES to eat pussy!

Barbie White – Solo

HUNGARY, 34/26.3/37, BLOND, European
Her pierced lip, fishnet thigh-high stockings and wry smile can only hint at the kind of dirty mind that drives the cravings of Barbie White. An insatiable hunger for pleasure that emanates from the core of her soul and completely overwhelms your senses. See her in this wild solo show, you’ll want to watch her again and again!

Lucy Bell – Solo

CZECH REPUBLIC, 34/28.1/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European
Lucy Bell loves doing lesbian shows for her fans and really gets off on all the added attention as she climbs between her costar’s thighs for a sensual embrace. Today she was all set to go solo and for her the idea of being alone on stage added a little extra nervous tension. Watch as she evolves from a timid start to a ferociously orgasmic finale at the end of this sexy scene.

Bibi Noel and Lana – Duo

HUNGARY, 35/28/36, BLOND, European
Some girls wear jewelry just for the visual appearance but others like Bibi Noel and Lana know that the right kind of necklace is a very simple sex toy! Beads rattling across their clits, building friction against their hot wet box and serving as a classy memento that can be worn long after the show is over. A necklace like that is truly priceless!

Iris – Solo

CZECH REPUBLIC, 37/31/37, BLOND, European
Iris is the kind of girl who acts badly around you just because she wants to playfully be punished! She’s a 27 year old blonde from the Czech Republic and she told us she prefers long term relationships with men but short term ones with women. Her fantasy is to find a man she could love forever and have different new girls for them to play with together every week!

Abbie Cat and Candy Alexa – Duo

Ravishing red hot Abbie Cat is from Hungary and sassy Candy Alexa came to use all the way from Moscow. Girls from such different places both gifted with such glorious asses? When you see them in a show you’ll be tilting your head until they turn around and give you the best view of their perfect assets! These are girls who you’ll want to lick from head to toe!

Gettin Cute – Solo

CZECH REPUBLIC, 33/25.8/34, FAIR, European
Barely taller than five feet and weighing just under one hundred pounds, Gettin Cute is a 20 year old petite starlet from Prague. She says her small size is sought after by a lot of girls because her pussy is so tight that they can hardly get more than two fingers inside her and most lesbians love the challenge of getting her to loosen up!

Niki Sweet and Lucy Bell – Duo

CZECH REPUBLIC, 33/28.4/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European
In their denim farm clothes Niki Sweet & Lucy Bell are a country western pair of gal pals perfect for entertaining you with notions of how girls from small towns and rural areas provide a whole new standard of hospitality. Outside the cities, sexy ladies like Niki and Lucy learn to take it slow and do it right!

Aliz – Solo

HUNGARY, 33/26/38, BROWN-HAIRED, European
Emerald green has never looked better than it does adorning the natural tits and tight ass of 24 year old Aliz from Budapest Hungary! The bright color puts her in a more energetic mood and her white nylon stockings show off her athletic legs. She has the rhythm and strength of a dancer, but the sexual cravings of a true nymphomaniac!

Niki Sweet and Iris – Duo

CZECH REPUBLIC, 33/28.4/35, BLOND, European
Balloon girls Niki Sweet and Iris take a turn discovering the sexual passion that some fans find in watching them use latex balloons as part of their sex toy arsenal. Big bright blown up balloons and their frilly neon tutus give this update a festive carnival feel and shows how much fun hardcore fetish lesbianism has become!

Candy Alexa – Solo

HUNGARY, 35/24/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European
At just 24 years of age you might think Candy Alexa is a sweet innocent angel dressed all in white. Truthfully that would be a bit of a stretch. She’s from Moscow and has been to all the late night parties. Watch how dirty her mind has become and see her in solo action for the first time ever filmed. This is the one girl who might enjoy sex even a little bit more than you do!

Gettin Cute and Iris – Duo

CZECH REPUBLIC, 33/25/34, BLOND, European
Redheaded Gettin Cute takes a turn playing with 27 year old Iris from her own home town in Prague. These girls have a lot in common but they never met before today. Sometimes with new meetings things don’t always go well, but with Iris and Cute the magic sparks started to fly as soon as they first saw each other naked. It was lust at first sight!

Pussykat – Solo

FRANCE, 33/24/30.4, BROWN-HAIRED, Asian
PussyKat is the perfect international mix of culture and heritage. Her small frame and muscular physique make her one of the most powerful 20 years old performers ever to appear in a live show. Capable of athletic moves that come from her Vietnam gymnastics background and as sultry as any French cabaret starlet. This girl has it all!

Antonia – Solo

HUNGARY, 33/24/36, BLOND, European
Antonia just turned 21 a few weeks ago. She told us how much fun her birthday party was back home with all of her girlfriends sleeping over. We asked which outfit she had on that night and this show lets you see exactly how she started off dressed that day – of course her clothes didn’t stay on long at her party or in this show!

Abbie Cat – Solo

HUNGARY, 33/24/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European
Abbie Cat is a spunky 22 year old brunette from Budapest Hungary. She’s openly bisexual in her personal life and told us he favorite fantasy is being part of a group orgy at swingers parties. Here she is in a solo show that captures your attention with her sensual sex appeal and pixie-like personality!

Bridget – Solo

CZECH REPUBLIC, 35/24/35, BLOND, European
Beautiful Bridget missed her first two appointments for filming because she was home masturbating and lost track of time! She told us she plays with herself three of four times every day, whether it’s in front of a camera or not! Few women in the world have as strong a sexual appetite as this blonde lesbian slut from Prague!

Elisa and Ally Style – Duo

CZECH REPUBLIC, 30/26/35, FAIR, European
This time it’s all about the mouths of lovely Elisa and insatiable Ally Style. Their warm breath, wet tongues and soft lifts connect them in a private paradise for every moment that they share together as we all watch in wonder and cheer them toward the waterfall of orgasmic glee that awaits both of these Sapphic superstars!

Tarra White and Elisa – Duo

CZECH REPUBLIC, 37D/25/35, RED HAIR, European
Is Tara White the sexiest redhead in xxx history? That’s a debatable answer for some porn fans, but what every xxx expert will agree about is the fact that this update with newcummer Elisa may be the hottest thing she has ever done! Mixing fresh faces and the hottest professional pornstars together is an easy way to get explosive orgasmic results every time!

Leony April – Solo

CZECH REPUBLIC, 33/23.4/33, FAIR, European
Red sequined firecracker Leony April is 22 years old and ready to thrill you with a hardcore performance that puts you right between her thighs up close so tight you can feel her warm breath against your neck as she pushes her way toward the cascading waves of multiple orgasms and the total relief that only comes to her from seeing she has satisfied you completely!

Kattie Gold – Solo

CZECH REPUBLIC, 37/25.5/38, RED HAIR, European
Of all the girls we have shown you, Kattie Gold is the one you are likely to wonder how she wound up on stage showing off her sexual style. She seems so sweet, like the girl next door, and yet when the cameras are on she quickly transforms into one of the naughtiest sluts in the entire collection. Watch Kattie go from being a naive sweetheart to dirty hardcore whore in seconds!

Brandy Smile and Eve Angel – Duo

HUNGARY, 34/27/36, BLOND, European
Brandy Smile is the more playful of these two lovely lesbians, Eve Angel is much more serious about her sex. As you watch them enjoying each other, notice the way Brandy keeps teasing while she is pleasing Eve and the way you can tell that Eve is so hungry for her next orgasm that she wants to get to it as fast as she can!

Zara – Solo

HUNGARY, 35/24/35, FAIR, European
Zara is a 23 year old petite brunette from Budapest, Hungary with big dreams of one day becoming a brand name pornstar known around the globe. She knows she has to prove she is able to capture your attention and linger in your dreams if she is ever going to reach that lofty goal, and this solo play in her tight denim shorts is a great start!

Tarra White and Ally Style – Duo

CZECH REPUBLIC, 37D/25/35, RED HAIR, European
Famous pornstar Tara White is back in style… literally! Of course we mean Ally Style! Tara has appeared on our sites before and always brings raving compliments from her loyal fans, but this time she might have met her perfect match because Ally Style is able to ratchet up her own intensity in ways that will blow you away!

Susan Snow – Solo

CZECH REPUBLIC, 30B/28.4/3, BLOND, European
If snow is supposed to be white, clean and pure – Susan Snow has a lot of explaining to do! This petite blonde may be white and clean but she definitely isn’t pure! One of the dirtiest minds and most extreme playmates ever to become a Desk Babe, Susan Snow is the girl you would never marry but anyone would love to date for a while!

Kety Pearl – Solo

CZECH REPUBLIC, 37/26.5/38, BROWN-HAIRED, European
At 26 years old, Kety Pearl is a little more experienced than the other girls you see in action here regularly. She is no longer a teen and not quite yet a MILF. She tries harder than other girls and as always, her efforts are rewarded with loyalty from her true fans. Are you a Kety Pearl supporter? See her previews and you’ll understand why so many people are now!

Eve Angel and Zara – Duo

HUNGARY, 35/25/38, FAIR, European
Leg lovers rejoice! This update brings together two of the sexiest models with the longest lickable legs and most loveable lingerie we have ever filmed! It’s Eve Angel and Zara, both from Hungary, in their sexual prime with each girl trying to prove she has what it takes to dominate the other one! Always remember, when two girls compete for your attention, you always win!

Susan Snow and Tarra White – Duo

CZECH REPUBLIC, 37D/25/35, RED HAIR, European
Redheaded pornstar Tarra White had little idea what she was in for when she agreed to do this update with a virtually unknown amateur known as Susan Snow. You can tell at first Tarra was taking it easy until she found out that Susan was ready to be completely hardcore in ways that even surprised her lesbian porn costar!

Brandy Smile and Ashley Brooke – Duo

HUNGARY, 34/27/36, BLOND, European
The parade of Hungarian sweethearts continues this month with blonde starlet Brandy Smile and her adorable lesbian cohort Ashley Brooke coming all the way from Budapest to your desk as they compete for your attention with a mixture of hardcore intensity and sultry erotic style. These girls are glamorous and naughty!

Elisa – Solo

CZECH REPUBLIC, 30/26/35, FAIR, European
Like a long, cool drink of water on a hot summer day – Elisa is ready to refresh you in every way! She appears on your desktop for some solo play to brighten your mood and bring out the inner joy that hides within the deepest parts of your mind. In many ways Elisa is more like a nurse than a model she loves soothing the soul of the loyal fans who love her!

Brandy Smile – Solo

HUNGARY, 34/28.1/36, BLOND, European
Soft curves, strong legs and nice wide hips that are inviting your eyes to come a little closer. It’s Brandy Smile in her favorite black negligee showing you the most intimate aspect of her personality and sharing moments that would otherwise have remained private forever. When a beautiful blonde decides to show you everything… the polite thing to do is say thank you.

Ashley Brooke and Eve Angel – Duo

HUNGARY, 33/24/36, BROWN-HAIRED, European
Budapest beauty Ashley Brooke is a very hot model perfectly revealed by her black body stocking while her 30 year old mentor Eve Angel appears in a much more refined black cocktail dress. This mix of styles and ages adds a layer of teacher-student energy to one of the hottest new updates of the year!

Tarra White – Solo

CZECH REPUBLIC, 37D/25/35, RED HAIR, European
While most viewers focus on her big tits and beautiful body, hardcore fans of Tarra White are more likely to notice she has amazing eyes. Tarra is a very successful stage dancer because she has the rare ability to make you feel she’s always looking right at you as if you are alone together sharing the moment.

Davon Kim and Maria Bellucci – Duo

Hungarian hottie Maria Bellucci is back in action with lovely pride of the Philipines, 24 year old Davon Kim! Black and white outfits accentuate the differences between these two sexy girls but as the session continues you’ll learn quickly that they have a lot more in common than the let on.

Brandy Smile and Zara – Duo

HUNGARY, 34/27/36, BLOND, European
Like fire and smoke, Brandy Smile and Zara are so different from each other but both share a few defining characteristics as well. Smoldering sensuality, erotic flare and an undercurrent of sexual urgency that can only be quenched by the wet, warm saliva of their newest lesbian lover. That’s what makes them both so incredibly Hot Hot Hot!

Ashley Brooke – Solo

HUNGARY, 33/24/36, FAIR, European
Sweet Hungarian beauty, Ashley Brooke is originally from Budapest. An active dancer at local clubs since her eighteenth birthday, now at 20 years of age Ashley is finally ripe and ready to take on the whole world! This solo performance is pure erotic gold that will put her at the top of your list!

Ashley Brooke and Zara – Duo

HUNGARY, 33/24/36, FAIR, European
Ashley Brooke is back and this time it’s hot lesbian lust that has this hardcore Hungarian ready to take on the lovely 23 year old Zara from her own home town. Even though they both lived near each other for most of their lives, this is the first time they have met and the newness of the moment definitely adds to the intensity!

Mandy Dee – Solo

RUSSIA, 30/24/35, BLOND, European
Russia has become a hot-bed of erotic talent recently and nobody personifies that move toward sensuality better than Ms. Mandy Dee! A 21 year old petite Russian doll who weighs less than one hundred pounds and is capable of the most electrifyingly athletic moves. See her in action any time you want an amazing sexual distraction from the normal girls you meet!

Eve Angel – Solo

HUNGARY, 35/26.5/38, BROWN-HAIRED, European
Eve Angel is a feast for your eyes in her lime green lingerie. As the panties peel away from her soft skin and reveal the inner beauty of her perfect pussy, be sure to get close up and see for yourself why many of the models who work with her believe nobody gets wetter than their adorable brunette Angel.

Lauryn May and Sandra Shine – Duo

HUNGARY, 34/23/32, BROWN-HAIRED, European
What’s red and black and so damn sexy? How about Lauryn May and Sandra Shine tonguing each other passionately, fingering deeply and kissing gently on their way from first meeting each other as complete strangers all the way toward their best orgasms on camera ever! These girls get off on each other in hardcore fashion and they love the fact that you are watching every wiggle!

Blue Angel and Maria Bellucci – Duo

HUNGARY, 30/24/36, BLOND, European
Elegant black cocktail dresses and delicate panties are the perfect outfits for two lovely ladies celebrating New Years Eve together. For most people the new year is about champagne, big parties, family and friends – but for Blue Angel and Maria Bellucci it’s all about hot lesbian sex and warm cuddling afterwards more than anything else!

Dorothy Black – Solo

HUNGARY, 35/25.5/35, BLOND, European
Foot fans will definitely want to make Dorothy Black one of their all time favorites. In this solo scene she shows off her perfect feet and sexy toes by slipping them inside a set of high heel shoes with clear tops and hit pink heels. As her legs open wide, her feet become the gateway to getting between her thighs for up close access to her soaking wet pussy!

Davon Kim – Solo

Stunning Filipina Davon Kim puts her petite body on the line in this one of a kind striptease. The heat of the lighting and the excitement of getting naked in front of the whole world for the first time helped Davon break a sweat, and once she got into the action there was no stopping her!

Aletta Ocean – Solo

HUNGARY, 34/26/37, BROWN-HAIRED, European
While the xxx hardcore market is dominated by bimbos from California, rare treasures like Aletta Ocean do find their way to the top from time to time. If you have ever seen her in action, you already know that Aletta never says no and is always willing to go the extra mile for her male costars. It gets even better when she performs for you directly right here on VirtuaGirl!

Lauryn May and Bambi – Duo

HUNGARY, 34/23/32, BROWN-HAIRED, European
Lauryn May & Bambi are instinctual lovers, their lust for each other comes naturally from deep within their souls. You can tell the difference between fake acting and real hardcore tongue kissing. These two lovely lipstick lesbians bring you the real action and sizzling emotional experiences you won’t find anywhere else!

Kathy Moore and Sandra Shine – Duo

HUNGARY, 35/25/37, BROWN-HAIRED, European
Elegant and stylish, Kathy and Sandra are ready for an exciting night out on the town together. Dancing at after-hours clubs works up their appetite for each other and when they get home at the wee hours of the morning, unwinding together is what these ladies love to do most. Tongues, fingers, toys and whispered affections as this duo works out all their kinks while you watch!

Angelica Kitten – Solo

Petite and sweet, at just 19 years of age this pretty girl from Prague is Angelica Kitten. She has so much to learn about life and enjoys being taught. You can see the innocence in her eyes begging you to bring her some of the wisdom she seeks. Help her get a good start by check out these performances and sending her your comments. She needs your help to become a BIG star!

Blue Angel and Dorothy Black – Duo

HUNGARY, 30/24/36, BLOND, European
Stunning Hungarian darling Dorothy Black is visiting from Budapest and she couldn’t wait to get her hands on local lovely Blue Angel! Dorothy is 23 years old, in the prime of her lesbian life and loving the freedom her lifestyle offers. Traveling all over the world in search of the sexiest local sluts for hot wet sex while you watch!

Lauryn May – Solo

HUNGARY, 34/23.4/32, BROWN-HAIRED, European
With her bright red lips and sexy smile, Lauryn May is the kind of student who any teacher would be thrilled to meet. Her pink plaid and black micro-skirt matches the laces on her high heel shoes and that little necktie sways perfectly with the rhythm of her body. Costumes can be so much fun when they match the personality of the performer so perfectly!

Davon Kim and Dorothy Black – Duo

PHILIPPINES, 32/24/33, BLOND, Asian
Dominant Dorothy Black hails from Hungary, and at 23 years old she already knows exactly what she wants from her sexual partners. Ironically, Davon Kim is almost a full year older but because of her submissive Filipina upbringing she is willing to let her younger partner take full control of all the lust-filled xxx action!

Maria Bellucci – Solo

HUNGARY, 35/25.8/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European
You’ve seen her getting down and dirty with some of the other debutantes in the DeskBabes collection, but now you can get up close with Ms. Maria Belucci. This is her best solo session ever, featuring fishnet stockings and a lot of fingers as she drives herself to new orgasmic heights crashing through one hard climax after another while you watch her eyes light up!

Kathy Moore – Solo

HUNGARY, 35/25/37, RED HAIR, European
During her half-dozen performances on Virtua Girl HD we have learned a lot about Kathy Moore. She lives in Budapest these days but she is a real world traveler. Having danced at clubs on three different continents, she has established herself as a premier exotic performer.

Maria Bellucci and Dorothy Black – Duo

HUNGARY, 0, BLOND, European
Watching Maria Bellucci & Dorothy Black in action, you may be surprised to find out their dirty little secrets. These two lovely lesbians keep their sexual appetites private in their home towns. When they are back home they quietly fit in to their local neighborhoods and most people think they are uptight prudes… but when they travel together, that’s their special play time!

Bambi and Sandra Shine – Duo

HUNGARY, 34/26/34, BROWN-HAIRED, European
Out on the prowl hunting for a lesbian lover who can match her intensity, Sandra shine and Bambi are camouflage cuties who share a lot more than a passion for sex. These two brunettes are full of fingers, aching for more tongue and always up too see what new toys are available. When they get together the shyness goes away completely and the orgasms are huge!

Blue Angel – Solo

HUNGARY, 30/24/36, BLOND, European
Seeing a girl as pretty as Blue Angel out on the street or shopping for the holidays in some local store is often all it takes to spawn a million fantasies in your mind before you get back home! Now those thoughts become reality as she takes you deep into erotic desires with a thick dildo that’s perfect for showing off her sexual skills!

Bambi – Solo

HUNGARY, 34/26/34, BROWN-HAIRED, European
The solo style of Bambi is even more fun than watching her together with another woman if you prefer slow sensual moves, hard thrusts and a good strong grip! Bambi treats her toys with care and uses them with precision like a stunningly beautiful artisan who rolls up sleeves and gets right to work building an orgasm she can always be proud of – this solo set is a masterpiece!

Sandra Shine – Solo

HUNGARY, 34/26.5/36, BROWN-HAIRED, European
Her bubble-gum pink top is see through so even when she is totally dressed, there is a strong hint of what is about to come available. A subtle expression of sex shows through everything she does. This girl is smoking hot and ready to thrill you even as she makes a cup of coffee or brushes her hair. She doesn’t need to show you everything… but she always does!

Kathy Moore and Lauryn May – Duo

HUNGARY, 35/25/37, BROWN-HAIRED, European
Take a long hard look at leggy Kathy Moore and her petite lesbian lover Lauryn May. From the first moment they stepped out on stage together you could feel the cravings they have for each other. It’s more than simple lust or sexual compatibility, these two darling divas are what Desk Babes is really all about. True lesbian hunger and orgasmic bliss!

Kitty Jane and Mona Lee – Duo

CZECH REPUBLIC, 35/26/37, FAIR, European
Kitty Jane always brings a youthful exuberanance and high energy style to her lesbian lovemaking, Mona Lee is more of a charmer who builds slowly and climaxes at the right time. Together their mix of early energy and a fiery finale raises their sexual intensity to new heights and makes them one of the best pairings to watch!

Kathy Moore and Bambi – Duo

HUNGARY, 35/25/37, FAIR, European
Two very different girls twisting their bodies together into one writhing coil of lips and limbs – Kathy and Bambi get so tangled up and intertwined together that it become difficult to get them back apart when the screaming orgasms and wet climaxes finally crest to a soft warm finale of hugs and loving kisses!

Ally Style – Solo

CZECH REPUBLIC, 31/28.1/33, BROWN-HAIRED, European
Eighteen year old Ally Style is a dancer ready to explode with energy and enthusiasm as she brings her athletic body onto your desktop and writhes along with the music. Her gyrating hips and strong legs are hypnotic once she gets up to full speed and her clothes start falling off! Pick your favorite outfit and see what Ally Style can do in it!

Christina Jolie – Solo

CZECH REPUBLIC, 30/30.4/39, BROWN-HAIRED, European
What happens when a sultry lesbian gets herself all heated up backstage only to find out that her partner won’t be arriving on time? Christina Jolie takes care of her business by herself, breaking out shivering orgasms with her talented hands to calm her spirit and cool down a sex drive that can never be fully satisfied. Sometimes she’s even more fun solo!

Melissa Ria – Solo2

CZECH REPUBLIC, 35/28.1/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European
Melissa Ria is a shapely Prague girl who loves showing off her curves. Every single outfit in her closet has been chosen for the way it shows off the swell of her hips, her impossibly long legs, and the rest of her incredibly sexy body. She puts those curves to good use when she dances, with a hypnotic rhythm throughout her body.

Colette and Zafira – Duo

HUNGARY, 33/33/33, BLOND, European
Colette and Zafira enjoy wearing matching outfits, so they end up getting similar black and white lingerie to match perfectly. These girls have a fun loving personality that comes right out when they’re together on your screen, and you’ll see right away why their off camera relationship is great for their on camera performances!

Kitty Jane and Melissa Ria – Duo

CZECH REPUBLIC, 35/26/37, FAIR, European
Gorgeous girls who flirt and tease each other to new heights of ecstacy, Melissa and Kitty are all about the pink! Sliding between each other’s legs to expose the wet core of their lover’s sexuality – Kitty and Melissa are not satisfied until they can hear the warm whimpers of orgasmic bliss as one climax after another crashes through the mind of their partner!

Britney and Zafira – Duo

HUNGARY, 30/25/31, BLOND, European
Britney and Zafira enjoy each other’s company when they get a chance to hang out. They talk about things like the latest music, lingerie and make up and move on to showing off their dance moves. This habit has made them into quite the dancing duo, and you’ll see the grace, beauty and natural chemistry as these ladies dance.

Tina Kay – Solo

UNITED KINGDOM, 30/26/36, RED HAIR, European
British brunette Tina Kay brings a different sort of honesty to her performances than what some fans may be used to. If you watch her face and look into her eyes as she sways her hips and shakes her perfect ass, you can sense a level of sensitivity and fragile feelings beyond what most other dancers exude. She a true sweetheart, a good girl through and through for you!

Kitty Jane – Solo

CZECH REPUBLIC, 35/26/37, BLOND, European
For a sexy dancer to look great in bright pinks and bold reds she has to have a personality that is larger than life and a presence strong enough to allow her to capture the attention of the whole room. Kitty Jane is intense and always brings great energy to her shows! See for yourself what so many of her fans are all talking about!